2020 winning poster designed by Oscar Taperell ’23 of Grace Hopper College.


For more than half a century, student bibliophiles have been receiving prizes for the quality of their book collections, thanks to the generosity of Yale alumnus Adrian Van Sinderen (Class of 1910). In 1957 Mr. Van Sinderen established two prizes, awarding $1,000 to seniors and $700 to sophomores, in order to encourage undergraduates to collect books, build libraries of their own, and read for pleasure and learning. In 2002 a poster competition was established. A $500 prize is awarded to the winning designer of the annual poster announcing the book collecting competition.

Due to the University’s response to COVID-19, the committee of judges was not able to view the finalists’ collections in person during the month of April. Instead, the committee created a special prize of $175 to celebrate the joy of books and collecting, which was awarded to each of the ten finalists in recognition of their collections. We congratulate them, and they are listed below.

2020 Finalists

James Barringer  
Silliman College 
Class of 2022    
The Supreme Court of the United States

Rachel Chew Min Qi   
Ezra Stiles College   
Class of 2020    
Approaching Experimental Ethnography 

Cathy Duong  
Morse College        
Class of 2022    
Vietnamese-American Literature: “The Ghosts Who Refuse Resurrection”

Rudd Fawcett    
Jonathan Edwards College
Class of 2022          
Graphic Design and Typography: History, Theory, and Practice

David Hurtado
Benjamin Franklin College
Class of 2020    
Entorno: Explorations in Landscape and Environment

Christina Pao 
Branford College
Class of 2020

Institutions: Their Construction and Deconstruction

Adrian Rivera    
Jonathan Edwards College
Class of 2020
Writing about Writing

Adam Shaw  
Timothy Dwight College
Class of 2020    
Toward a Rational Society: Two Centuries of German Social Thought, from Hegel to Habermas, Through an Inclusive Lens

Kellen Silver 
Pierson College   
Class of 2020    
Agapē Agape: Reconsidering “Love Literature”

Adrian Wong-Valle  
Grace Hopper College
Class of 2020    
Artists and Experts: The History, Theory, and Practice of Bartending and Mixology